Build Bridges not traffic - Supported by the Swan Chamber

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23 August 2018

Dear Local Businesses,


Congestion is the enemy of efficiency, the average wait time for a vehicle to leave the Midland-Hazelmere area is 12 minutes. That’s 12 minutes of idle, wasting fuel and your time. However, there is a solution. The extension of Lloyd Street has already begun, with works in the final stages of construction there is only one key piece missing, the bridge.


The completion of the bridge over the Helena River will reduce or potentially eliminate wait times depending on your route. This making transport in and out of the area more efficient and saving your business both time and money.


We need your support of the Swan Chamber and by conduit the City of Swan to show our local MP’s this is a priority!


The City of Swan has launched a campaign named ‘Build Bridges, not traffic’ and the Swan Chamber of Commerce offers its full support and endorsement of this campaign.


We are calling on all members to support this campaign, get involved and make a difference to our local Swan Region. So in doing so we ask all businesses to implement the new Smart stickers, developed by the City of Swan as a world first initiative.


Place a Smart sticker on the back of your car or truck. Scanners at a congestion hotspot can detect this sticker. Once detected, an email to your local MP's and candidates expressing the frustration of drivers caught in traffic is immediately sent out. The more Smart Stickers out there, the more the MP’s hear from us. The more they hear from us, the more urgent the funding becomes.


The Smart Stickers can either be collected from the City of Swan or Swan Chamber offices. You can also register your support for the Lloyd St Bridge at

If there are any further questions or concerns, please contact the Swan Chamber of Commerce via the below contact details.


Yours sincerely,


Swan Chamber of Commerce

Board of Management

View the official letter here

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