President's Desk 06.01.2019

Posted on: Thursday, 10 January 2019 at 3:49:17 PM

The below letter sent to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage addressing the need for a representative of business interests on the Swan Valley Planning Committee. 

"Established in 1968 the Swan Chamber of Commerce is the Swan region’s peak voice for its thriving business community. The Swan Chamber provides its members with a strong local voice, lobbying all tiers of government to achieve positive outcomes for our members. We work hard to maintain enduring partnerships with a number of important representative organisations to provide increased business and investment opportunities across the region.

The Swan Chamber of Commerce is proud to have, in the past had a business representative on the Swan Valley Planning Committee. We are pleased to know that one of our long-time supporters and member, namely Ms Dale Tillbrook has been appointed the representative of indigenous interests on such committee.

The Swan Chamber believes that it is crucial to have business owners and businesses themselves represented equally on the committee and therefore beneficial to have a committee member appointed to do so. These businesses are large stakeholders of the Swan Valley and are heavily involved in the development of the valley, therefore should be a part of the Swan Valley Planning committee.

The Swan Chamber would like to nominate Mr Tom Smilovitis to be appointed as the representative of Business interests of the Swan Valley and to be a committee member of the Swan Valley Planning committee.

Our business community, members and stakeholders would appreciate your consideration and approval of our aforementioned nominee.

We look forward to hearing back from you regarding the appointment of Mr Smilovitis and the positive contribution he will bring to the committee.

Kind regards,

Gerry Hanssen


Swan Chamber of Commerce"

* The Swan Chamber has also nominated Daniel Stefanelli and Daniel Parasiliti as further candidates for the position, with Tom Smilovitis as our preferred candidate. 

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