President's Desk 12.12.18

Posted on: Wednesday, 12 December 2018 at 12:17:52 PM

I encourage the City of Swan, State and Federal Government to seriously consider adopting a constructive view of Midland being a satellite city.

 At the present moment, the Midland and Swan region are continually underutilised, almost as if we have been forgotten about in the overall plan. Midland and the Swan Region have serious potential to be revitalised into a vibrant satellite city, connected to the CBD and Elizabeth Quay via the Swan River.

 The METRONET plan fails to service the entire Swan Region and bypasses the whole Midland and Swan Valley areas. A simple remedy for this would be to connect Bullsbrook, Upper Swan, Stratton and Jane Brook via the existing line into the Midland station, which can then transport passengers into the CBD.

 I encourage METRONET to continue with the Ellenbrook Morley line as planned, however this line neglects the need for a rail service connecting the aforementioned areas to Midland, through to the CBD.

 I suggest the incorporation of the existing freight line, through the new Midland Station with the construction of an above ground tunnel. This will allow for unity in Midland, as the freight line can operate without the potential for noise, traffic, congestion and safety issues to arise. This plan could potentially save taxpayers $500m not having to divert the freight line.

Further, the completion of the Lloyd Street Bridge to connect Midland, through Abernethy Street to Perth Airport should be seen as a key priority and we thank the City of Swan for identifying and advocating for this project.

 There is also potential for developments along the Swan River, such as a foreshore with jetties and higher density living along the river. This will allow for increased tourism figures along with supporting local businesses.

 Additionally the empty historic Railway Workshops and Old Great Norther Highway have the potential to be used in a similar fashion to the local produce markets in surrounding suburbs, and those in Barcelona. Producers from the whole eastern region would be able to use these markets and also revitalise the old Midland area.

 Initiatives such as ADAMS Swan Valley Explorer service should be commended for their efforts in identifying the lack of a Public service, and investing in the region via the private sector.

In conclusion, the Swan Region is significantly underutilised and if all small businesses, primary producers, tourist operators and stakeholders continue to identify the need for Government support. I hope this letter allows for us to take the first step in opening proactive and positive discussion with the planners and decision makers to further the Swan Region.

I welcome and encourage any further correspondence from Swan Chamber members, stakeholders and members of parliament regarding any of the above items.


 Yours sincerely,


Gerry Hanssen


Swan Chamber of Commerce Inc.


View the letter to Mike Foley, CEO City of Swan here!

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