Shalom House

Posted on: Thursday, 13 April 2017 at 12:01:24 PM

Shalom House, "Restoring the Lives of Men & Families in our Community"


We have just taken over another property at
West Swan rd Henley Brook. This property will house 39 men for "Short Term Accomadation". I am posting this to inform you that this has been done.

I also have;

3 houses on Park/Murray St that hold 36 men
1 House on Park st that houses 14 Men
2 Houses on Forrest St that houses 26 men
1 House on Partridge st that houses 5 men
1 House in Ellenbrook that houses 5 people
6 houses on West Swan Road that houses 39 men
That's a TOTAL OF 125 MEN

I have tried on multiple occasions for the City of Swan to come out to Shalom in order for the city to look over our program and give us more informed advice moving forward and no matter how many times the offer has always been refused. I have ALWAYS been open and honest when getting close to FULL as well as prior to taking on another property, and only ever do so as a large resort.

Every time I am about to get a property I inform the City and they still will not meet me to look over the program to give me informed council moving forward.

No one from the Government or anywhere else can do anything to assist us until the City has ended its court action against me. What do I do? I can't turn a person away who comes to me who is ready for change, no one is listening to me..? I am about to go to 125 Men, that's "ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MEN" why can I get anyone from anywhere to do anything constructive

The last thing I want to do is disrespect the authorities of our day but what do I do when every rehabilitation Centre in Perth is FULL with a three to 6 months waiting list...?

Do I turn them away...?


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