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Posted on: Monday, 10 December 2018 at 4:58:31 PM

Swan Chamber of Commerce - Advocating for changes to the GST Threshold to ensure fair trade in Australia

The Swan Chamber of Commerce is committed to advocating for its local businesses and continues to do so. Local businesses such as The Honda Shop are being negatively affected by overseas companies exploiting a loophole, allowing them to underwrite invoices and avoid paying their fair share of GST. This puts Australian businesses at a disadvantage as they cannot compete with an overseas market that doesn't have to pay GST. 

Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash met with Eddie Peters of the Honda Shop and Brian Simpson of PerthRC to discuss this issue and the meeting has resulted in a letter being written to The Hon Peter Dutton, Minister of Home Affairs. The letter can be viewed by clicking here.

Following this letter the Swan Chamber of Commerce has sent the following letters to Senator Cash and Minister Dutton in support of finding a remedy for this issue in a timely manner to save Australian businesses and support our local members. 

Letter from Swan Chamber of Commerce to Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash (Click here)

Letter from Swan Chamber of Commerce to The Hon Peter Dutton MP (Click here)

If you are a business suffering from overseas companies avoiding our Australian GST then join the Swan Chamber as our collective voice only gets stronger with the more businesses we have behind us. 

Phone: 9374 5000


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